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Welcome to my Store! Thanks for visiting. I sell modded game discs to the public. Upon purchasing one of these discs. I will promptly send you a message to your email address with all the information about how to install the mods to how to use the mods. I will then ship out your modded disc in a secure package. Buyers typically receive the disc in 7-9 days. Please have a look around my site, and if you like what you see, please buy. Also, If you have any questions, Please don't hesitate to ask in the "Contact Us" tab at the top. Thanks!


(ON SALE!)  Price: $20.00 USD                                                 Price: $15

Includes over 50 different mods!                                                  A simple 10th prestige mod

    Click to go to my store                                                          that is capable of tenth

                                                                                                     prestige anyone in your

                                                                                                     lobby, including you. Unlock

                                                                                                     all multiplayer 10th pretige

                                                                                                     features and capabilities!

                                                                                                      Click to go to my store

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  • "Was very helpful, showed me the mods before i bought them and he actually played a few rounds with me. He didn't just take the money and block me. He actually helped me out a gr..."
    Michael Edwards
  • "I just bought one. Right away they sent me the instructions and tracking number. I got the disc in about 4 days and installed it to my console. Worked flawlessly. I didnt know t..."
    Anthony Makengie